This blog has been created in order to promote a long-time dream to build a small community on a large tract of virgin land in the vibrant Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson, Arizona.  Here I will post all developments on the property, as well as new ideas of building and living sustainably in the desert.  One of the major goals of this community is to have a minimum impact on the desert– preserving the land, its flora and fauna, by restricting invasive plant species and prohibiting motorized vehicles and all domesticated animals.  In this way I hope to share this homestead with any persons interested in seeing, smelling, and hearing the true Sonoran Desert in all its glory.

I am a Texas native who fell in love with the Sonoran Desert in 1996 and can’t imagine a better place to live.  I am an artist as well as a musician performing under the name Luis Sabor.  I have two other blogs:  Art By Lowell showcases my art as well as documents my travels and random musings, Sabor Music showcases my guitar and guiro performances as well as my favorite music videos.


2 Responses to About

  1. David Reed says:

    I happened onto your site looking for something else..and stayed because I really like what you’re doing here, and want to voice support for your goals and aspirations. I too live in the (somewhat degraded) Sonoran desert of urban Tucson. But there is much potential here in the city, as you know.

    Your how-to is very inviting and unintimidating. Like the way you imposed diagrams onto actual landscapes- are those the Tucson Mtns?

    You list in favorite links Sonoran Permaculture Guild. I’m currently a student in their annual spring PC certification class. It’s nice to see some good work by a fellow spirit who has actually begun doing much of what we’re learning to do there.

    One suggestion, if I may. Your ‘About’ section is a very compelling and personable start, but at the same time mysterious and somewhat feels an ‘orphan’. For example, in order to communicate with you in this format, I am required to give you my real name and my real email address (no problem;). But I have no idea who you are. Who is the “I” who has the dream to build a Desert Wilderness Community?



  2. My Watering Can says:

    Congratulations! I have just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Here is a link to my post for you to accept the award: http://mywateringcan.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/very-inspiring-blogger-award-and-nominees

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